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Girl Gang Movie Review

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This stunning film, which appears to violate every single item in the then-current production code, was considered lost for over 40 years. Joanne Arnold is a tall, voluptuous brunette who'll do anything for a fix, and Timothy (Glen or Glenda?) Farrell is the sleaziest dope dealer you'll ever see. Girl Gang reveals, in graphic detail, exactly how to shoot heroin PLUS how to remove a bullet from a college girl on a kitchen table (she doesn't make it). To join the local dope club, girls must have sex with five guys whether the girls (OR the guys) want to or not; it's a RULE! The acting and everything else about this shocking expose/searing indictment/lousy movie (take your pick) is dreadful, but you may not be able to keep from staring at it, like bugs under a rock. Expected to be available on video soon for Farrell's many loyal fans. woof!

1954 60m/B Joanne Arnold, Timothy Farrell; D: Robert Derteno.

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