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Gas Food Lodging Movie Review

anders balk allison skye

This Allison Anders film takes its time showing the lives of waitress Nora (Brooke Adams) and her daughters Trudi (Ione Skye) and Shade (Fairuza Balk). The best thing about the movie is Balk's award-winning performance as a teenager confused by the haphazard life she shares with her mother and sister. James Brolin makes a classy, lived-in appearance as Shade's dad, John. Aside from that, things seem to lumber along almost as slowly in this one as they would in 1993's Ruby in Paradise by Victor Nunez (except Ruby is 15 minutes longer). Skye and Donovan Leitch are real-life siblings. Shot on location in Deming, New Mexico.

1992 (R) 100m/C Brooke Adams, Ione Skye, Fairuza Balk, James Brolin, Rob Knepper, Donovan Leitch, David Lansbury, Jacob Vargas, Chris Mulkey, Tiffany Anders; D: Allison Anders; W: Allison Anders; C: Dean Lent; M: J. Mascis, Barry Adamson. Independent Spirit Awards ‘93: Best Actress (Balk). VHS, LV, Letterbox, Closed Caption

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