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Galileo Movie Review

michael john losey topol

A fine supporting cast somewhat compensates for the casting of over-the-top Topol as Galileo. Otherwise, another American Film Theatre production with nothing special to recommend it. (Galileowas released theatrically overseas in 1976.)

1973 145m/C GB CA Chaim Topol, Edward Fox, Michael (Michel) Lonsdale, Richard O'Callaghan, Tom Conti, Mary Larkin, Judy Parfitt, John McEnery, Patrick Magee, Michael Gough, Colin Blakely, Clive Revill, Georgia Brown, Tim Woodward, John Gielgud, Margaret Leighton, Henry Woolf, Ronald Radd, Madeleine Smith; D: Joseph Losey; W: Joseph Losey, Bertolt Brecht, Barbara Bray; C: Michael Reed; M: Hanns Eisler. VHS

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