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Fun Movie Review

witt renee leslie alicia

The past and the future are in color in Fun, the present is in grim black and white. The protagonists are two very young girls who share confidences and cuddle after spending the most fun day they'll ever have together. What's their idea of fun? Going to malls, hanging out, playing games, ringing doorbells, and yelling at the occupants. Oh, and brutally stabbing to death a sweet little old lady who is kind to them. Why? Counselor Leslie Hope and journalist William R. Moses attempt to find out during the course of this very disturbing character study, based on James Bosley's play. Renee Humphrey and Alicia Witt are remarkable as two troubled teens who manipulate their adult interrogators and resist every effort from those who want to help them understand their crime. Plenty of nightmares here!

1994 95m/C Alicia Witt, Renee Humphrey, Leslie Hope, William R. Moses, Ania Suli; D: Rafal Zielinksi; W: James Bosley; C: Jens Sturup; M: Marc Tschantz. Nominations: Independent Spirit Awards ‘95: Debut Performance (Witt), First Screenplay. VHS

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