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Fright Movie Review

baby george ian tara

This is THE babysitter movie to watch when you're alone with a baby whose parents have gone out for dinner and your boyfriend wants to keep you company and you suspect that the baby's mother might have a homicidal ex-husband lurking about the house. This is Amanda's (Susan George) dilemma, and what she faces when nice Dr. and Mrs. Helen Cordell (John Gregson and Honor Blackman) leave her to mind baby Tara for the evening wouldn't even BEGIN to happen to any member of the Baby-Sitters Club. Saturated with blood and violence, Fright offers George a strong part as the resourceful Amanda, and also gives Ian Bannen plenty of chances to chew up the scenery. Baby Tara (the director's child) is cute. AKA: Night Legs.

1971 (PG) 84m/C GB Susan George, Honor Blackman, Ian Bannen, John Gregson, George Cole, Dennis Waterman, Tara Collinson, Maurice Kaufman, Michael Brennan, Roger Lloyd Pack; D: Peter Collinson; W: Tudor Gates; C: Ian Wilson; M: Harry Robinson. VHS

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