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French Provincial Movie Review

moreau andre france techine

A BORING movie starring Jeanne Moreau and Marie-France Pisier? Sad, but true. Moreau starts out as a laundress and winds up as the president of a factory. Marrying well helped, but very little else is explained in this deliberately enigmatic film spanning the years 1900–75. After this far-from-gripping start, Andre Techine went on to a career as a world-class filmmaker, directing The Brontë Sisters, Rendezvous, Scene of the Crime, and Wild Reeds. AKA: Souvenirs d'en France.

1975 95m/C FR Jeanne Moreau, Michel Auclair, Marie-France Pisier, Orane Demazis, Claude Mann, Julien Guiomar, Michele Moretti, Aram Stephane; D: Andre Techine; W: Andre Techine, Marilyn Goldin; C: Bruno Nuytten; M: Philippe Sarde.

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