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Forbidden Choices Movie Review

egypt lynch beans title

Yeah, if I made a fictional indie with a moniker like The Beans of Egypt, Maine, I'd consider giving it a catchier title, too. It sounds like a National Geographic documentary instead of the soap opera that it is. Actually, that IS the title of Carolyn Chute's novel and it IS about the Bean family who live in Egypt, Maine. The head of the Bean family of nine is Reuben (Rutger Hauer?!$#%), but he's in jail, so Roberta (Kelly Lynch) is raising them on her own. Earlene Pomerleau (Martha Plimpton, the film's chief virtue) thinks the Beans are neat, especially Beal (Patrick McGaw). Well, what else does she have in her life but a tyrannical, Bible-thumping Daddy (Richard Sanders)? Anyway, that new title refers to Beal and zzzzzz…. AKA: The Beans of Egypt, Maine.

1994 (R) 109m/C Martha Plimpton, Kelly Lynch, Rutger Hauer, Patrick McGaw, Richard Sanders; D: Jennifer Warren; W: Bill Phillips; C: Stevan Larner; M: Peter Manning Rob. Nominations: Independent Spirit Awards ‘95: Best Cinematography, Best Supporting Actress (Lynch). VHS, LV, Closed Caption

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