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Fly by Night Movie Review

graff todd darryl brice

Slapdash, skin-deep look at a couple of rappers who team up with a third (authentic rapper Darryl Mitchell as Rich's cousin Kayam) to achieve fame. When they do, they hate it. Do Steve Gomer and Todd Graff know what makes their characters (Jeffrey Sams as Rich, Ron Brice as I) tick? If they do, it isn't onscreen. There's an exciting score, though.

1993 (PG-13) 93m/C Jeffrey D. Sams, Ron Brice, Darryl (Chill) Mitchell, Todd Graff, Leo Burmester, Soulfood Jed, Lawrence Gilliard, Omar Carter, Maura Tierney, Yul Vazquez, M.C. Lyte, Christopher-Michael Gerrard, Ebony Jo-Ann; D: Steve Gomer; W: Todd Graff; C: Larry Banks; M: Kris Parker, Sidney Mills, Dwayne Sumal. Sundance Film Festival ‘93: Filmmakers Trophy. VHS, Closed Caption

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