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Fire Maidens from Outer Space Movie Review

sydney susan carpenter yelled

I got yelled at for enjoying this movie and grilled afterward: “Wouldn't you rather watch a GOOD movie than a BAD one?” Not necessarily! Fire Maidens from Outer Space, which looks like it was shot in someone's backyard, revolves around the efforts of five astronauts to save the Fire Maidens of Jupiter's 13th moon from this whatchamacallit in wrinkled long underwear! Anthony Dexter, whose career hit the automatic skids after starring in 1951's Valentino, is Astronaut Luther Blair. Susan Shaw, one of Britain's most promising starlets of the late 1940s and early 1950s, is Hestia. Paul Carpenter, Harry Fowler, and Sydney Tafler are Astronauts Larson, Sydney Stanhope, and Dr. Higgins. Some of these actors deleted this movie from their resumes. I don't know a thing about any of the other actors. I stopped watching movies with the person who yelled at me, but I haven't stopped watching this movie. There really IS something exhilarating about (a) stupefying cheapness, (b) technical incompetence, (c) artistic nadirs, (d) all of the above. woof!

1956 80m/B GB Anthony Dexter, Susan Shaw, Paul Carpenter, Harry Fowler, Jacqueline Curtiss, Sydney Tafler, Maya Koumani, Jan Holden, Kim Parker, Rodney Diak, Owen Berry; D: Cy Roth; W: Cy Roth; C: Ian Struthers. VHS

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