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The Feldmann Case Movie Review

bente director erichson erichsen

The Feldmann Case represents the outstanding debut of director Bente Erichsen, who wrote her screenplay after reading the novel Echo from Scream Pond, based on a true World War II story about the Norwegian underground. There is a striking contrast between the official findings of the case and the director's own ethical viewpoint. The interpretative clash adds to the suspense: we know what happened to the rich Jewish couple who tried to escape the Nazis, what we don't know is why, and this is Erichsen's main concern. A well-acted, extremely gutsy film, The Feldmann Case is not yet available on video, although it should be! AKA: Feldmann Saken.

1987 89m/C NO Finn Kvalen, Sverre Anker Ousdal, Bjorn Sundquist, Ingerid Vardung; D: Bente Erichson; W: Bente Erichson; C: Rolv Haan.

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