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Federal Hill Movie Review

michael ralph nicky corrente

Ralph (Nicholas Turturro), Nicky (Anthony De-Sando), Frank (Michael Raynor), Bobby (Jason Andrews), and Joey (Robert Turano) are longtime Italian buddies in Providence, Rhode Island, and they still meet at Joey's every week to play cards. Ralph (a thief) and Nicky (a drug dealer) are best friends. When Nicky sells some coke to Wendy (Libby Langdon) for a party, he shows up for it with Ralph. Ralph gets nowhere at the party, but Nicky winds up in a thing with Wendy and he decides to leave his pals for her. Ralph says that Wendy's just using Nicky for a fling, then loser Bobby gets in trouble and Ralph gets in trouble for helping Bobby. It all gets tied up in melodramatic fashion, but while it lasts, it's never dull, it's sometimes funny and it's always well acted in great black and white. Which makes more sense/cents? To light a film for black and white, but shoot it in color, finish it, then release it theatrically in black and white for film noir purists and in both versions for the home video market, OR to spend a small fortune colorizing a 1994 film? Michael Corrente colorized Federal Hill. I know why there are two versions: there are actually people (including my one-time upstairs neighbor) who refuse to look at any movie that's not in color. But to colorizeyour brand new movie? The mind boggles.

1994 (R) 100m/B Anthony De Sando, Nicholas Turturro, Libby Langdon, Michael Raynor, Jason Andrews, Frank Vincent, Robert Turano, Michael Corrente; D: Michael Corrente; W: Michael Corrente; C: Richard Crudo; M: Bob Held, David Bravo. Nominations: Independent Spirit Awards ‘95: Best Supporting Actor (Turturro). VHS, LV, Closed Caption

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