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Fear Movie Review

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Fear begins promisingly and even features a low-budget earthquake sequence. Tomislav Pinter's cinematography is immaculate, the acting is impressive throughout, and the sets and costumes certainly convey the decadent atmosphere Matjaz Klopcic tries to explore here. The main problems with this attractive film are Klopcic's uncompelling screenplay and listless direction. Unfortunately, when film festival novices see a boring mess like this one, they often think it's THEIR fault, and that if they went to more movies or even flew to Yugoslavia, they would GET it. FERgeddit! If you think it's a thumping bore, it probably is. AKA: Strah.

1975 105m/C YU Ljuba Tadic, Milena Zupancic, Anton Petje, Milena Dravic; D: Matjaz Klopcic; W: Matjaz Klopcic; C: Tomislav Pinter.

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