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False Weights Movie Review

doesn wicki lipmann bernhard

False Weights lumbers along for 145 minutes. We are stuck with an unsympathetic village official most of the time, with occasional relief supplied by subplots mashed into the major narrative. Jerzy Lipmann's cinematography is stunning, but this vague film doesn't work as a character study, so it certainly doesn't succeed as a social statement. Bernhard Wicki's previous efforts, 1959's The Bridge and 1965's Morituri, were better received in the U.S., winning a total of three Oscar nominations between them (he also wrote the screenplay for 1962's The Longest Day).

1974 145m/C GE Helmut Qualtinger, Agnes Fink, Bata Zivojinovic, Evelyne Opela, Kurt Sowinetz, Istvan Iglody; D: Bernhard Wicki; W: Fritz Hochwalder; C: Jerzy Lipmann; M:George Grutz.

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