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Eat the Rich Movie Review

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Eat the Rich, a British comedy featuring cameo appearances by Paul and Linda McCartney, is about restaurants, blood, and money. It stars Lanah Pellay, a whining London drag queen whose number-one hit, Pistol in My Pocket, can be heard on the movie's soundtrack. When Lanah, as Alex the waiter, is fired from a posh eatery, s/he forms a gang and vows revenge. So, yes, you can take that title literally. In addition to the McCartneys, Angie Bowie, Sandie Shaw, Koo Stark, and Miranda Richardson pop up in small parts. Peter Richardson (any relation?) wrote and directed Eat the Rich,which I had the bad luck to see before breakfast. Eat the Rich is no great shakes, but may attract what is tactfully known as a cult audience. woof!

1987 (R) 89m/C GB Nosher Powell, Lanah Pellay, Fiona Richmond, Ronald Allen, Sandra Dorne, Angie Bowie, Sandie Shaw; Cameos: Paul McCartney, Linda McCartney, Bill Wyman, Koo Stark, Miranda Richardson; D: Peter Richardson; W: Peter Richardson; C: Witold Stok. VHS

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