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East and West Movie Review

picon molly goldin bow

East and West is an Austrian re-discovery from the year 1924 starring Molly Picon. Picon, then 26, was something of a Yiddish “It” girl, just as rambunctious as Clara Bow, although far more wholesome, of course. Still, she does eat up a storm on the Day of Atonement and clearly loves to dance with the boys. Unlike the fragile Miss Bow, Molly Picon was built to last; she was still making movies until eight years before her death in 1992 at the age of 94. East and West is a fine showcase for Picon's boundless energy and charm. AKA: Ost und West.

1924 85m/B AT Molly Picon, Jacob Kalish, Sidney Goldin; D: Ivan Abramson, Sidney Goldin. VHS

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