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Dreamchild Movie Review

alice coral browne charles

When Gavin Millar's Dreamchild was released in 1985, its star Coral Browne (1913–91) seemed a sure bet for an Oscar nomination. The film won favorable attention on the art house circuit for its unusual approach to the true-life story of Alice Harg-reaves, who inspired Charles Dodgson to write Alice in Wonderland. As written by Dennis Potter, Dreamchild is a film of great imagination and style, enhanced by Ian Holm's touching performance as Charles Dodgson and by Coral Browne's commanding presence as 80-year-old Alice.

1985 (PG) 94m/C GB Coral Browne, Ian Holm, Peter Gallagher, Jane Asher, Nicola Cowper, Amelia Shank-ley, Caris Corfman, Shane Rimmer, James Wilby; D: Gavin Millar; W: Dennis Potter; C: Billy Williams; M: Max Harris, Stanley Myers. VHS

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