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Don't Take It to Heart Movie Review

dell richard jeffrey medina

Don't Take It to Heart has no reputation whatsoever, but is a lovely surprise for those who stumble on it by accident. Its stars are dashing Richard (Robin Hood) Greene and beautiful Patricia Medina, his wife at the time. He's Peter Hayward, a helpful solicitor with a secret; she's Lady Mary, the socialist daughter of the Earl of Chanduyt (the wonderful Irish character actor Brefni O'Rorke). The village of Chanduyt becomes notorious when a ghost turns up in the Earl's castle. This British screwball comedy is filled with all the top character actors of the period (including Ernest Thesiger and Joan Hickson), and Jeffrey Dell's clever direction and screenplay has a bright, irreverent attitude towards the rigid British class structure. If you wonder why Medina is always looking down in every sequence, it's because test screenings revealed that loud and distracting wolf whistles followed whenever her gorgeous brown eyes were seen in full-face close-ups!

1944 91m/B GB Richard Greene, Patricia Medina, Brefni O'Rorke, Alfred Drayton, Joan Hickson, Richard Bird, Joyce Barbour, Moore Marriott, Edward Rigby, Wylie Watson, Ernest Thesiger; D:Jeffrey Dell; W:Jeffrey Dell.

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