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Don's Party Movie Review

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All director Bruce Beresford does with David Williamson's stage play Don's Party is show that when people drink too much they become obnoxious. They tell each other What They Really Think and flirt with each other's spouses. In the morning, of course, all their sharp insights dissolve into hangovers. Harmless, but silly. Beresford went on to a distinguished career as an international director. Williamson worked again with Beresford and wrote screenplays for Peter Weir and other directors.

1976 90m/C AU Pat Bishop, Graham Kennedy, Candy Raymond, Veronica Lang, John Hargreaves, Ray Barrett, Claire Binney, Graeme Blundell, Jeanie Drynan; D: Bruce Beresford; W: David Williamson; C: Donald McAlpine. Australian Film Institute ‘77: Best Actress (Bishop). VHS

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