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The Dog Who Loved Trains Movie Review

mika svetlana irfan bojakvic

This early film by Goran (Someone Else's America) Paskalyevic tells the story of Mika, an escaped prisoner (Svetlana Bojakvic), and the two men who “help” her. One is a cowboy stuntman who once doubled for Kirk Douglas (Bata Zivojinovic). The other is a slightly mentally disabled young man (beautifully played by Irfan Mensur) who is searching for his childhood dog. For Mika, there seems to be no escape, only a never-ending series of geographical transitions. The gripping direction throughout retains our interest in Mika's flight.

1978 ?m/C YU Svetlana Bojakvic, Bata Zivojinovic, Irfan Mensur; D: Goran Paskalyevic.

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