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Different for Girls Movie Review

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Richard Spence's Different for Girls is a love story with a twist. It's the tale of Kim Foyle and Paul Prentice (well played by Steven Mackintosh and Rupert Graves), who develop a romance under unusual circumstances. It seems that once upon a time Prentice was friends with a classmate named Karl at a Catholic school for boys. The boy Karl evolved into the girl Kim after a sex change operation and the mutual attraction between Kim and Prentice needs some sort of reassuring context since they both consider themselves to be straight. Got that? The film is nothing earth-shattering, but it is well made, pleasant, and straightforward.

1996 (R) 92m/C GB Rupert Graves, Steven Mackintosh, Miriam Margolyes, Saskia Reeves, Neil Dudgeon, Charlotte Coleman; D: Richard Spence; W: Tony Merchant; C: Sean Van Hales; M: Stephen Warbeck. Montreal World Film Festival ‘95: Best Film. VHS

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