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The Devil Is a Woman Movie Review

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Maybe it was movies like The Devil Is a Woman that eventually lured Glenda Jackson off the sound stages and into Parliament. She dons spiked belts here in her role as a weird mother superior who keeps the residents of her convent under her thumb. The script is your basic, silly, half-baked attack on the Catholic hierarchy—not a bad target, perhaps, but if you're going to satirize an institution, at least deal with it on its own terms. Unconvincing and ridiculous beyond belief, Devil doesn't even come close. AKA: II Sorriso del Grande Tentatore. woof!

1975 185m/C GB IT Glenda Jackson, Claudio Cassinelli, Lisa Harrow, Adolfo Celi, Arnoldo Foa, Rolf Tasna, Dulio Del Prete, Gabriele Lavia, Francesco Rabal; D: Damiano Damiani; W: Damiano Damiani, Fabrizio Onofri, Audrey Nohra; C: Mario Vulpiani; M: Ennio Morricone.

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