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Dear Victor Movie Review

robin valli bernard jacques

At first, Dear Victor gives every indication that it's going to be a comedy, then a savage plot twist occurs: Film Festivalitis? Yes, that strange and sometimes frightening condition that afflicts directors who don't want to make a choice about the direction of their narratives, so the choice is made FOR them by tuned-out audiences! The compensatory surprise here is Alida Valli, who's simply wonderful and very funny as a singer who COULD have been an opera star. AKA: Ce Cher Victor.

1975 102m/C FR Bernard Blier, Jacques Dufilho, Alida Valli, Alice Reichen, Jacqueline Doyen, Philippe Castelli, Jacques Rispal; D: Robin Davis; W: Robin Davis, Robin Laurent; C: Yves Lafaye; M: Bernard Gerard.

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