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Day for My Love Movie Review

harapes marta juraj machane

Day for My Love features the most adorable four-year-old child (Sylva Kamenicka). She dies very early in the story, but her laughing presence infects the entire movie. Marta Vancurova and Vlastimil Harapes star as the young couple who must cope with the loss of their young child, and build a new life for themselves while making peace with their past. Very well scripted by Marketa Zinnerova and a bit too artily shot by Jiri Machane, Day for My Love is enhanced by Juraj Herz's strong direction, as well as the excellent acting throughout.

1977 91m/C CZ Marta Vancurova, Vlastimil Harapes, Sylva Kamenicka, Dana Medricka, Jirinaova Sejbalova; D: Juraj Herz; W: Marketa Zinnerova; C: Jiri Machane; M: Petr Hapka.

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