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Daughters of the Dust Movie Review

julie dash cinematography

At 113 minutes, Daughters of the Dust deserved a context for its narrative. Instead, we get beautiful cinematography, and a very leisurely paced look at the lives of five women before they leave their island to emigrate to the Georgia coast. They can act, but Julie Dash's storytelling skills are decidedly embryonic. Set in 1902.

1991 113m/C Cora Lee Day, Barbara O, Alva Rogers, Kaycee Moore, Cheryl Lynn Bruce, Adisa Anderson, Eartha D. Robinson, Bahni Turpin, Tommy Redmond Hicks, Malik Farrakhan, Cornell (Kofi) Royal, Vertamae Crosvenor, Umar Abdurrahman, Sherry Jackson, Rev. Ervin Green; D: Julie Dash; W: Julie Dash; C: A. Jafa Fielder; M: John Barnes. Sundance Film Festival ‘91: Best Cinematography. VHS

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