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Daughters Daughters Movie Review

mizrahi ophir moshe shai

Sexist horsefeathers this, but I had yet another argument (with a guy) who went ballistic when I said so. When will I ever learn? HIS P.O.V.: “It's okay to zero in on a man's obsessive struggle to father a son after eight daughters, because it's a comedy from Israel.” MY P.O.V.: “Director Moshe Mizrahi is condescending toward ALL his characters, male and female. Shai K. Ophir, who plays the father, is a competent actor, but the screenplay he writes with Mizrahi debases everyone. No one laughs WITH the characters because they're too crudely drawn and no one laughs AT them because they're not funny enough to carry the contrived premise.” So there.

1974 88m/C IS Shai K. Ophir, Zaharira Harifai, Joseph Shiloah, Michal Bat-Adam; D: Moshe Mizrahi; W: Moshe Mizrahi, Shai K. Ophir; C: Adam Greenberg; M: Alex Cagan.

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