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Cousine Cousin Movie Review

marie tacchella charles barrault

One of the most delicious releases of 1976 was Jean-Charles Tacchella's Cousin, Cousine. This tender French offering is a gentle, lyrical story about two distant cousins who meet at various family gatherings and how they gradually fall in love. Marie-Christine Barrault and Victor Lanoux play the lovers with delightful subtlety. They are wonderfully supported by a cast that includes Guy Marc-hand and Marie-France Pisier as their spouses. There is also a rambunctiously real group of child actors. Director/screenwriter Tacchella suggests that it is the people who invest themselves fully in life who have the privilege of savoring love at its most profound. Cousin, Cousine is that rare film that gets remarkable mileage out of harmony.

1976 (R) 95m/C FR Marie-Christine Barrault, Marie-France Pisier, Victor Lanoux, Guy Marchand, Ginette Garcin, Sybil Maas; D: Jean-Charles Tacchella; W: Jean-Charles Tacchella; C: Georges Lendi; M: Gerard Anfosso. Cesar Awards ‘76: Best Supporting Actress (Pisier); Nominations: Academy Awards ‘76: Best Actress (Barrault), Best Foreign Film, Best Original Screenplay. VHS, LV

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