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Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day Movie Review

john christopher railroad munch

While living in L.A. at the end of WWII, Chinese-American John Lee (Peter Alexander) learns that the Yosemite Valley Railroad is being scrapped and becomes determined to save it, in part as an homage to his grandfather, who emigrated to work as a railroad laborer. A romantic train fanatic himself, Lee arranges financing from wealthy businessman Pinchot (John Diehl) but must make the railroad pay within a year—unlikely, as the automobile rapidly takes over as preferred transportation. Well captures a 1940s atmosphere, but pacing and dialogue are uneven. Director/writer Christopher Munch is best known for The Hours and Times.

1995 87m/B Peter Alexander, Jeri Arredondo, Henry Gibson, Michael Stipe, John Diehl, David Chung, Diana Larkin, Bok Yun Chon; D: Christopher Munch; W: Christopher Munch; C: Rob Sweeney. Sundance Film Festival ‘96: Best Cinematography; Nominations: Independent Spirit Awards ‘97: Best Cinematography. VHS

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