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Shaven Clean Movie Review

peter greene kerrigan lodge

Schizophrenic Peter Winter (Peter Greene in a stunning performance) is searching bleak Miscou Island, off the New Brunswick coast, for his young daughter, whom his mother put up for adoption after Peter was institutionalized and his wife died. Peter's being tailed by Detective McNally (Robert Albert), who suspects him of a child's murder, and his tenuous hold on reality slowly disintegrates into torment and self-mutilation. Debut for director/writer Lodge Kerrigan. Greene can also be seen in Laws of Gravity, Judgment Night, and The Mask. Jennifer MacDonald is in Headless Body in Topless Bar.

1993 80m/C Peter Greene, Robert Albert, Jennifer MacDonald, Megan Owen, Molly Castelloe; D: Lodge Kerrigan; W: Lodge Kerrigan; C: Teodoro Maniaci; M: Hahn Rowe. Nominations: Independent Spirit Awards ‘95: Best First Feature. VHS

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