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The Children of Theatre Street Movie Review

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The Children of Theatre Street marked Grace Kelly's (1928–82) return to the big screen after a two-decade absence. She narrated this circumspect examination of the Leningrad Academy, a Russian ballet school. The Soviet Union withdrew its endorsement of the film after its release because the names of three dancers who defected (including Rudolf Nureyev, 1938–93) were mentioned. Unfortunately, director Robert Dornhelm showed all the tedium of the ballet dancers in training, with very little of the excitement.

1977 92m/C RU Grace Kelly, Angelina Armeiskaya, Alec Timoushin, Lena Voronzova, Michaela Cerna, Galina Messenzeva, Konstantin Zaklinsky; D: Robert Dornhelm; W: Beth Gutcheon; C: Karl Kofler. Nominations: Academy Awards ‘77: Best Feature Documentary. VHS

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