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Chameleon Street Movie Review

harris wendell impersonates performs

I wonder if the real William Douglas Street ever saw 1960's The Great Impostor, in which Tony Curtis as Ferdinand Waldo Demara Jr. teaches school without a credential, impersonates a novice in a Trappist monastery, works as a prison warden's deputy, and performs a successful operation as a Canadian naval lieutenant without a medical degree. At any rate, Street (Wendell B. Harris) wanted a more interesting way of life than to work for a burglar alarm company in Detroit. Street, too, performs surgery AND impersonates a Time reporter AND pretends to be an exchange student from Africa AND speaks French AND practices law. Chameleon Street isn't particularly well acted or well directed, but it is fun and there's a great costume ball sequence.

1989 (R) 95m/C Wendell B. Harris Jr., Angela Leslie, Amina Fakir, Paula McGee, Mano Breckenridge, David Kiley, Anthony Ennis; Cameos: Coleman A. Young; D: Wendell B. Harris Jr.; W: Wendell B. Harris Jr.; C: Daniel S. Noga; M: Peter S. Moore. Sundance Film Festival ‘90: Grand Jury Prize. VHS, LV

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