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Bride to Be Movie Review

peter stanley maria miles

Bride to Be is quite unintentionally funny. It's yet another Son-Wants-His-Dad's-Girl yarn, only this time, the kid's going to be a priest. (What about his immortal soul?) Peter Day does an unmemorable acting job as the son. Sarah Miles is so quiet in the title role that at first it does seem that she can neither hear nor speak (nope, the screenwriter just didn't give her any words to say!) and Stanley Baker looks thoroughly embarrassed here as the father. AKA: Pepita Jiminez.

1975 115m/C SP Sarah Miles, Stanley Baker, Peter Day, Eduardo Bea, Vicente Soler, Jose Maria Caffarell, Maria Vico; D: Rafael Morena Alba; C: Jose Luis Alcaine; M: Stelvio Cipriano.

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