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The Boy from Mercury Movie Review

tushingham martin hickey courtenay

Martin Duffy's The Boy from Mercury looks like it was shot in saturated Technicolor from the 1940s, but it's actually a ‘90s movie from Ireland, starring Rita Tushingham, Tom Courtenay, and a young charmer named James Hickey as Harry, a fatherless child who's convinced he's a creature from another planet. (All those weekly Flash Gordon serials fuel his imagination.) Tushingham and Courtenay are more animated here than they've been in quite some time, and Hickey is altogether winning as the little would-be alien.

1996 99m/C IR James Hickey, Rita Tushingham, Tom Courtenay, Hugh O'Conner; D: Martin Duffy; W: Martin Duffy; C: Seamus Deasy; M: Stephen McKeon.

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