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Blue Country Movie Review

tacchella charles jean fossey

Jean-Charles Tacchella, who gifted the world with 1976's Cousin, Cousine, serves up a new treat with 1977's Blue Country. A sparkling cast, headed by Brigitte Fossey and Jacques Serres, enlivens this very funny romp in the French countryside, with Tacchella's artfully shaded screenplay lending a bit of poignance to their stories. AKA: Le Pays Bleu.

1977 (PG) 104m/C FR Brigitte Fossey, Jacques Serres, Ginette Garcin, Armand Meffre, Ginette Mathieu, Roger Crouzet; D: Jean-Charles Tacchella; W: Jean-Charles Tacchella; C: Edmond Sechan; M: Gerard Anfosso. VHS

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