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Blood & Concrete: A Love Story Movie Review

joey mort beals mona

Joey Turks (Billy Zane) is a cute but dumb bottle-blonde car thief. Just because he tries to steal a drug dealer's television set, Mort the owner (William Bastiani) stabs him! Joey's still bleeding when he meets a gloomy singer named Mona (Jennifer Beals), and she's just about to commit suicide by slashing her wrists! Their meeting saves them both, but then Mort's body is discovered in a blood-red swimming pool and Joey's under suspicion for murdering him and stealing Mort's drugs! Hank Dick (Carl Kolchak—I mean Darren McGavin) investigates! (As does fat Spunz, the homosexual gangster played by Nicholas Worth.) Needless to say, Joey and Mona try to avoid these two and get out of Hollywood. Mona does her best to get rid of her ex-boyfriend Lance (the hilarious James LeGros as the yuckiest rocker ever), but he's incapable of taking a hint. Mark Pellegrino and Harry Shearer are also in this, as hustler Bart and Sammy the drug dealer. If you don't mind spending 97 minutes with this crowd, Blood & Concrete's pretty funny. If you do mind, there's always Remains of the Day. The beautiful Beals does all her own singing, too.

1990 (R) 97m/C Billy Zane, Jennifer Beals, Darren McGavin, James LeGros, Nicholas Worth, Mark Pellegrino, Harry Shearer, Billy Bastiani; D: Jeff Reiner; W: Jeff Reiner, Richard LaBrie; C: Declan Quinn; M: Vinnie Golia. VHS, LV, Letterbox

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