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Black Litter Movie Review

aragon jose gutierrez manuel

Widely praised for its frighteningly accurate view of the fascist mentality, Black Litter, for this viewer, anyway, fell into the Operation-Was-a-Success-but-the-Patient-Died file. Its brutal conclusion draws too heavily on Woman-As-Symbol gimmickry, which takes the edge off the 80-something minutes worth of satire that leads up to it. Nothing short of controversial and extremely well acted, Black Litter won Manuel Gutierrez Aragon the Director's Prize at the Berlin Film Festival. AKA: Camada Negra.

1977 84m/C SP Jose Alonso, Angela Molina, Maria Luisa Ponte, Joaquin Hinojosa, Emilio Fornet; D: Manuel Gutierrez Aragon; W: Manuel Gutierrez Aragon, Jose Luis Borau; C: Magi Torruella; M: Jose Nieto.

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