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Before the Rain Movie Review

milcho film manchevski aleksandar

Aleksandar (Rade Serbedzija) left Macedonia to live and work in London as a photographer many years ago. He returns to his former homeland as a war correspondent and is saddened by what his country has become. He is witness to an execution in Bosnia shortly before he goes back to see what has become of his old village. War is everywhere, ignited by racial hatred. Milcho Manchevski divides the narrative into three chapters: “Words,” which shows how a monk named Kiril (Gregoire Colin of 1993's Pas Tres Catholique) is affected by Zamira (Labina Mitevska) when she seeks shelter in a monastery; “Faces,” which focuses on Aleksandar's intimate relationship with Anne (Katrin Cartlidge), a photographic editor who is expecting a baby; and “Pictures,” revealing a country under siege. AKA: Po Dezju.

1994 120m/C GB FR MA Rade Serbedzija, Katrin Cartlidge, Gregoire Colin, Labina Mitevska; D: Milcho Manchevski; W: Milcho Manchevski; C: Manuel Teran; M: Anastasia. Independent Spirit Awards ‘96: Best Foreign Film; Venice Film Festival ‘94: Golden Lion; Nominations: Academy Awards ‘94: Best Foreign Film. VHS

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