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Antonia's Line Movie Review

gorris film van marleen

This is the most accessible film by Marleen Gorris, whose previous efforts include 1983's A Question of Silence and 1985's Broken Mirrors. It's a family saga revolving around matriarch Antonia (Willeke Van Ammelrooy) and her large clan. The male characters are mainly utilitarian necessities here, but that's a step up from the murder victim/serial killer roles they've been assigned in other Gorris pictures. Gorris’ 1995 Oscar winner blends humor with feminist insights and is beautifully photographed by Willy Stassen. (In Dutch with English subtitles.)

1995 (R) 102m/C NL Willeke Van Ammelrooy, Els Dottermans, Veerle Van Overloop, Thyrza Ravesteijn, Jan Decleir, Mil Seghers, Jan Steen, Marina De Graaf; D: Marleen Gorris; W: Marleen Gorris; C: Willy Stassen; M: Ilona Seckaz. Academy Awards ‘95: Best Foreign Film; Nominations: British Academy Awards ‘96: Best Foreign Film. VHS

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