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Angela Movie Review

miller rebecca sundance thomson

This strange movie about two little girls growing up with a depressed mother (who somewhat resembles Marilyn Monroe) was written and directed by Rebecca Miller, the daughter of Arthur Miller. It's a moderately interesting (but slooow and rather heavy going) examination of a childhood dominated by a fear of the Devil. Miranda Stuart Rhyne and Charlotte Blythe are good as the kids, Angela, ten, and Ellie, six, and Anna Thomson is eerily evocative as their mother. Cinematographer Ellen Kuras won a Filmmakers Trophy at 1995's Sundance Film Festival.

1994 105m/C Miranda Stuart Rhyne, Charlotte Blythe, Anna Thomson, John Ventimiglia, Vincent Gallo; D: Rebecca Miller; W: Rebecca Miller; C: Ellen Kuras; M: Michael Rohatyn. Sundance Film Festival ‘95: Best Cinematography, Filmmakers Trophy. VHS

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