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American Matchmaker Movie Review

ulmer edgar leo fuchs

American Matchmaker is an archival treasure filmed in Yiddish by legendary cult director Edgar Ulmer in 1940. You may remember its star, Leo Fuchs (1911–94), as a character actor in 1990's Avalon. But 60 years ago, the Polish emigre cut a dashing figure in the title role of a confirmed-bachelor-turned-Manhattan-matchmaker. Ulmer's escapist comedy is lighter than air; you'd never know from the subject matter that this gentle satire was released the year after the Nazi invasion of Poland. AKA: Amerikaner Shadkhn.

1940 87m/B Leo Fuchs, Judith Abarbanel, Rosetta Bialis, Yudel Dubinsky, Abe Lax; D: Edgar G. Ulmer; W: S. Castle; C: Edgar G. Ulmer. VHS

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