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Alice Movie Review

jan svankmajer

Alice has been identified by the folks at Roxie Releasing as “militant surrealism.” It was one of the San Francisco International Film Festival's rare treats in the spring of 1988, and although it is certainly an unusual adaptation of the Lewis Carroll Wonderland classic, it is not as obsessive and scary as many grown-ups might have you believe. When I saw it one Palm Sunday with a crowd of Berkeley youngsters, they appeared to relish Alice's adventures as much as I did. None seemed overly disturbed by the imagery, but every child is unique, so do preview this one before you organize a kindergarten birthday party with Alice as the centerpiece. AKA:Neco Z Alenky.

1988 84m/C CZ Kristina Kohoutova; D: Jan Svankmajer; W: Jan Svankmajer; C: Svatopluk Maly. VHS

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