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Actors and Sin Movie Review

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Actors and Sin is HALF of a very good movie, produced independently by Ben Hecht (1893–1964), who adapted two of his short stories for the silver screen. Hecht shared directing chores with cameraman Lee Garmes (1898–1978) and cast Edward G. Robinson (temporarily on the Hollywood grey list) and blacklisted Marsha Hunt in “Actor's Blood.” It may have been a supportive professional gesture, but no one remembers the first segment of Actors and Sin today. Robinson played Maurice, the distraught father of unhappy Marcia, who killed herself because she failed to make good as an actress. In Hecht's contrived script, Maurice tries to make it seem as if Marcia was murdered so she will achieve the fame she never received in her lifetime. Fast forward through this segment, unless you just want to watch these stars work together. “Woman of Sin” is also contrived, but it's a funny, clever satire. Eddie Albert is Orlando Higgens, a Hollywood agent who receives a hot new (sexy) script from hot new screenwriter Daisy Marcher. Who IS Miss Marcher? Only Jenny Hecht, the nine-year-old daughter of Ben, who's extremely well directed by her father here. Ben Hecht must have nursed a grudge against obnoxious, precocious Hollywood moppets for 25 years! “Woman of Sin” has bite and snap and a beautifully sustained quality of long-simmering resentment. Hecht's wise to every single trick of devil child Daisy, and daughter Jenny acquits herself admirably in the role. The supporting cast adds to the fun; for a change, we get to SEE, as well as hear, Alan Reed (Fred Flintstone)!

1952 82m/B Edward G. Robinson, Eddie Albert, Marsha Hunt, Alan Reed, Dan O'Herlihy, Tracey Roberts, Rudolph Anders, Paul Guilfoyle, Alice Key, Douglas Evans, Rick Roman, Jenny Hecht, Jody Gilbert, John Crawford; D: Lee Garmes, Ben Hecht; W: Ben Hecht; C: Lee Garmes; M: George Antheil. VHS, LV

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