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After being used as a pawn in a fake Russian defector plot, our intrepid spy tracks down an international arms and opium smuggling ring. Fine debut by Dalton, who takes his role as 007 in a more serious vein, in a rousing, refreshing cosmopolitan shoot-em-up. Let's be frank: we were all getting a little fatigued by Roger Moore. The 15th film in the series.

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Available on Running time 130 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Cold War Spies, Smuggler's Blues, James Bond, Books to Film: Ian Fleming
Richard Maibaum, Michael G. Wilson
Timothy Dalton, Maryam D'Abo, Jeroen Krabbe, John Rhys-Davies, Robert Brown, Joe Don Baker, Desmond Llewelyn, Art Malik, Geoffrey Keen, Walter Gotell, Andreas Wisniewski
Alec Mills
John Glen
John Barry
Albert R. Broccoli, Michael G. Wilson

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The Living Daylights
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0
Vad Allen

WARNING: REVIEW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS – WE RECOMMEND TO WATCH MOVIE FIRST! VERDICT: #12 in my personal rating which makes it not the greatest but worth watching. Director J. Glenn finally realized that Bond-Moore had become too comical, and Bond-Dalton is a true spy on a tough job. Maybe that’s why he is more impressive at work and a bit goofy in love scenes. Overall a good mix of everything, except that most supporting actors (and/or their characters) lack quality and not impressive, especially bad guys. COOL STUFF: - Great pre-title sequence: dynamic and all in style - “M” office in the back of an airplane: funny - New type Bond girl: a woman of arts, not a bimbo or a scientist - New Aston Martin DBS: not DB5 but still a beautiful car - Small gadgets: only the key-chain, but extremely useful - Aerial stunts: incredible and real - Ruining Stradivarius using it as a sleigh-rudder: - Bond gets betrayed: good for the story - Laser-gun: Bond uses it himself at last - 1st time in a series: going through the pipeline (Koskov) - Nice and exotic views: Gibraltar, Morocco, Vienna NOT COOL: - Leiter character: dull acting and quite useless to the story - New Monneypenny: acts weirdly and not true to a tradition - Story goof: one could not be undercover in soviet Bratislava driving Aston Martin! - General Pushkin character: vague and not convincing - Koskov character: too vague and not punished in the end - Whitaker character: should play either bigger or smaller part - Hence: who is the main villain??? - Binocular-glasses: too trivial for a gadget - Bond should be smoking: why doesn’t he?