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Team Troma once again experiments with the chemicals, with violent results. Jersey high school becomes a hotbed of mutants and maniacs after a nuclear spill occurs. Good teens Chrissy and Warren succumb, the school blows, life goes on. High camp, low budget, heavy gore. Followed by "Class of Nuke 'Em High Part 2."

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Available on Running time 84 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Comedy Sci-Fi, Hell High School, Nuclear Energy, Troma Films
Richard W. Haines, Lloyd Kaufman, Mark Rudnitsky, Stuart Strutin
Janelle Brady, Gilbert Brenton, Robert Prichard, R.L. Ryan, Theo Cohan, Diana De Vries, Brad Dunker, Gary Schneider
Richard W. Haines, Lloyd Kaufman
Troma Team

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