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Silent, black-and-white version of the big budget/important director and stars action-adventure. Merchant marines aboard the famous Old Ironsides battle 19th century Barbary pirates in rousing action scenes. Home video version features an engaging organ score by Gaylord Carter. Based on the poem "Constitution" by Oliver Wendell Holmes.

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Available on Running time 111 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Silent Films, Adapted from a Poem, Swashbucklers, Sail Away, Pirates
Esther Ralston, Wallace Beery, Boris Karloff, Charles Farrell, George Bancroft
James Cruze
Gaylord Carter
Paramount Pictures

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Old Ironsides
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

Originated from the poem “Constitution” by Oliver Wendell Holmes, the movie Old Ironside came out in 1926, with a run time of 111 minutes. Old Ironside is about the early 19th century and the battle of stopping piracy. The USS constitution has set out to stop piracy in the Mediterranean. Meanwhile, a group of merchants head out to the Mediterranean. The two ships soon become involved in a battle against the pirates. Will they two ships be able to make it out alive and conquer the pirates?