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An updated and graphic version of the Oscar Wilde historical fantasy about the temptress Salome who helped topple Herod's Biblical kingdom with her dance of the Seven Veils. Not really a remake of the 1953 film since this is set during the 1940s.

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Available on Running time 100 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Adapted from the Bible, Femme Fatale, Religion, Sex & Sexuality, Period Piece: 1940s, Books to Film: Oscar Wilde
Jo Champa, Tomas Milian, Pamela Salem
Pasqualino De Santis
Claude D'Anna
Cannon Films

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Salome came out in 1985 and has a total running time of 100 minutes. Jo Champa, Tomas Milian, Palema Salem and Annie Carol Edel star in this drama. This film is set in during the time of World War II. The governer of Judea, Herod, put John the Baptist in prison for protesting Herod’s marriage. John is the prophet of Israel. Trouble occurs and then Salome later attempts to save John the Baptist.