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Slapstick comedy based on the ancient rubbed-lamp-and-genie chestnut. Kids'll love it; adults will yawn.

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Available on Running time 93 minutes. Originally from Italian, French.

Cast and Crew

Slapstick Comedy, Adapted from a Fairy Tale, Genies
Donald O'Connor, Vittorio De Sica
Henry Levin, Mario Bava
Joseph E. Levine

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The Wonders of Aladdin
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

The Wonders of Aladdin came out in 1961 and has a total running time of 93 minutes. Donald O’Connor (as Aladdin) and Vittorio De Sica (as Genie) star in this fun comedy. Aladdin is a young boy. He doesn’t have much money and he doesn’t have the easiest life. One day, he comes across a lamp. Now, this lamp isn’t your ordinary lamp. It’s a magical lamp with a genie inside! He rubs the lamp and Genie appears, granting him with three wishes!