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A panoramic western about a Civil War veteran pursuing the bandits who kidnapped his beautiful bride-to-be. First screened as a 3-D movie.

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Available on Running time 83 minutes.

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Westerns, Postwar, Kidnapped!, 3-D Flicks
Rock Hudson, Donna Reed, Phil Carey, Lee Marvin
Raoul Walsh
Lewis J. Rachmill

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Gun Fury
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

Gun Fury is a 3-D western that released in 1953. It has a run time of 83 minutes. While Ben Warren (Rock Hudson) and his fiancé, Jennifer Ballard (Donna Reed) are traveling in a stagecoach, Frank Slayton (Philip Carey) and his gang stop them. Oh no! Frank and his gang have kidnapped Jennifer. Now it’s up to Ben to rescue her. He’s asked many people to help, but managed to recruit only two others to help him. Now these three are on a mission to get Jennifer back and get revenge.