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From Shelley Duvall's "Tall Tales and Legends" series, in which the immortal poem is brought to life. Rousing comedy for the whole family.

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Available on Running time 52 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Baseball, Adapted from a Fairy Tale, Adapted from a Poem
Bill Macy, Hamilton Camp, Elliott Gould, Carol Kane, Howard Cosell
David Steinberg
Platypus Productions, Gaylord Productions

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Casey at the Bat
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

Casey at the Bat came out in the year 1985. It has a run time of 52 minutes. Even though it’s a bit short, it’s pretty entertaining. Casey at the Bat originated from a series called “Tall Tales and Legends” by Shelley Duvall. Bill Macy, Elliot Gould, Hamilton Camp, Howard Codell, and Carol Kane star in Casey at the Bat. Casey at the Bat is a movie I think the whole family would enjoy. It’s a comedy, which means it’ll keep you laughing all the way through.