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A range of performers reveal their insecurities and aspirations while auditioning before a hardnosed director in this adaptation of the popular, overblown Broadway musical. Singing and dancing is rarely rousing. Director Attenborough probably wasn't the right choice for this one.

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Available on Running time 118 minutes.

Cast and Crew

Contemporary Musicals, Adapted from a Musical, Behind the Scenes, Price of Fame, Dance Fever, Showbiz Dramas, New York, New York, Showbiz Musicals
Arnold Schulman
Michael Douglas, Audrey Landers, Gregg Burge, Alyson Reed, Janet Jones, Michael Blevins, Terrence Mann, Cameron English, Vicki Frederick, Nicole Fosse, Michelle Johnson
Richard Attenborough
Marvin Hamlisch, Ralph Burns
Polygram, Columbia Pictures

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A Chorus Line
Star_onStar_onStar_onStar_on 2.0 4.0

A Chorus Line came out in 1985 and has a total running time of 118 minutes. This film originated from the Broadway musical. Michael Blevins, Jan Gan Boyd, Yamil Borges, Sharon Brown and Michael Douglas star in this musical comedy. There’s a casting call from a large musical production looking for dancers. Many people attempt to try out and many people will get eliminated. The director is the judge and there are only a few spots to be filled. Who will make it? Who will go home?