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Chilling adaptation of the Ray Bradbury novel about a totalitarian futuristic society that has banned all reading material and the firemen whose job it is to keep the fires at 451 degrees: the temperature at which paper burns. Werner is Montag, a fireman who begins to question the rightness of his actions when he meets the book-loving teacher Clarisse (Christie)--who also plays the dual role of Werner's TV-absorbed wife, Linda. Truffaut's first color and English-language film.

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Available on Running time 112 minutes. Originally from French, British.

Cast and Crew

Sci Fi, Firemen, Books to Film: Ray Bradbury, Books & Bookstores
Francois Truffaut, Helen Scott, Jean-Louis Richard, David Rudkin
Oskar Werner, Julie Christie, Cyril Cusack, Anton Diffring, Alex Scott, Anna Palk, Ann Bell, Mark Lester
Nicolas Roeg
Francois Truffaut
Bernard Herrmann
Universal Pictures, Vineyard Films Ltd.

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